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Marilyn in White Dress-Wall art decor-Fine Art-Diamond varnish

Marilyn in White Dress-Wall art decor-Fine Art-Diamond varnish


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Iconic Marilynn digitally remastered. Finished with our Diamond clear coat varnish for a rich classic finish to this amazing canvas wall art.

Bring home the iconic beauty of Marilyn Monroe with our digitally remastered canvas wall art. The Diamond clear coat varnish finish adds a rich classic touch to this amazing piece of art. This canvas wall art is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any room.

Why Choose Us? At GTA ART, we are committed to bringing you the finest canvases at unbeatable prices. Quality and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We use only sustainably sourced Canadian wood for our frames, ensuring that your art reflects not only beauty, but also a commitment to our planet.

DURABLE AND STURDY. Crafted with high-quality 400g canvas stretched over a 1.25-inch thick wooden frame, our Marilyn wall art is designed for long-lasting durability. Made in Canada for exceptional quality, it's a wise investment for your decor.

TWO HAND-APPLIED FINISHES ARE INCLUDED FOR DURABILITY AND ARCHIVAL QUALITY. Our Marilyn canvas art is not just a poster; it's a masterpiece preserved with precision. We've applied two hand-finished coats, including our varnish formula that safeguards the canvas for a lifetime. Our innovative coatings add a touch of luxury to your decor.

HIGH DEFINITION. Bring the iconic beauty of Marilyn to life with our high-definition canvas. Using the latest printing techniques and the finest inks, our canvas captures every detail with remarkable clarity, ensuring that her timeless allure shines through in vibrant colors and sharp contrasts.

READY TO HANG.  Say goodbye to the hassle of mounting. Our Marilyn canvas prints come ready to grace your walls. Each canvas includes convenient hanging hardware, 2 sawtooth hangers, and 4 rubber stoppers for quick and easy installation.

PERFECT WALL DECOR IDEAS. Enhance the ambiance in your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, restaurant, office, family room, lounge, or create a captivating focal point at the end of a long hallway with the timeless allure of Marilyn.

PERFECT GIFT. Surprise your loved ones with the gift of stunning Marilyn wall decor on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, or New Year's. Make every moment memorable with the allure of Marilyn.

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