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Marilyn in pink-Wall art decor-Glittery pink hand-applied

Marilyn in pink-Wall art decor-Glittery pink hand-applied


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Marilyn Monroe in pink is an excellent image of the chewing gum diva. This canvas adds a sophisticated, cheerful and modern touch to your home or office decor.

This Marilyn wall art in pink is the perfect combination of luxury and style. Expertly crafted, the entire canvas features hand-applied diamond lacquer and a special pink lacquer finish on the gum detail. At 36" wide and 48" tall, this piece brings an elegant air of sophistication to any wall. Frame options available.

Why Choose Us? At GTA ART, we are committed to bringing you the finest canvases at unbeatable prices. Quality and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We use only sustainably sourced Canadian wood for our frames, ensuring that your art reflects not only beauty, but also a commitment to our planet.

Our canvas is heavyweight and archival quality, demonstrating its durability and long-lasting vibrancy. But what really sets this masterpiece apart is our innovative RGB multi-color glitter finish. With every glance, you'll see Marilyn's iconic image come to life as it shimmers and glows in a symphony of colors thanks to our exclusive finish.

Ready to hang, this canvas is more than art: it's an experience waiting to grace your walls. The detailed close-up photo printed on fine art canvas is framed (stretched) around a 1.25" deep wooden frame, adding depth and dimension to this already captivating piece.

More than just decoration, our Marilyn canvases are an ode to timeless beauty and a tribute to modern design. It's a conversation piece, a centerpiece, and a reflection of your exquisite taste.

Elevate your space with this iconic masterpiece. Experience the art, feel the quality, and bring your walls to life with our Marilyn canvases. Welcome to a world where art, craftsmanship and style come together.

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